Distinguishing feature

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Management team:  Our management team is more than equipped with seasoned medical doctors on board that are competent, trustworthy, services driven and clients’ men and women.

bullet Policies: We offer friendly policies that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, and are affordable, available and understandable.

bullet Technology: With efficient database as the cornerstone of our service delivery, fraud can be prevented.

bullet Feedback/Monitoring Mechanics: Our Client/ provider satisfaction is maximized through our feedback monitoring mechanism via the use of QUESTIONNAIRES and USERS FORUM.

bullet Uninterrupted Service Delivery and Communication Network:
We offer round the clock accessibility through our toll free lines and 24hours emergency help lines.

bullet Broad Network of Hospitals: Good network of provider hospitals that are patient/ client centric.

bullet Preventive Health Awareness forums: Preventive health awareness programmes are conducted to enlighten staff on the risk of future illness allowing early intervention and treatment to promote productivity in the work place.

bullet Health Forum: Health forums conducted on a monthly basis, where the following are conducted; blood sugar, blood pressure measurements, urine analysis and HIV screening.

bullet WELPRO News letter: This is provided on a quarterly basis to create awareness on health related issues

Extra Value Services:


Personalized medical and fitness training programmes for all our clients.


Free telephone health counseling and consultations which will include medical advisory services.