Plan Offer:

WELPRO PLANS provides-

A systematic  model for demand-supply of healthcare/wellness.

Antidote to panic purchase of healthcare/wellness.

Cost reduction via professional management of staff healthcare/wellness.

Access to world class healthcare infrastructure and expertise.

Capping/Taming of budgetary expenses

Financial cover in times when cash is not readily available to pay for hospital bills.

Your Staff can enjoy relief from the confinement to staff medical limits.

Ease of access to health care anytime, anywhere.

You only need your WELPRO identity card to get medical attention.

An avenue for your company to achieve corporate compliance with the NHIS Act (1999)

which requires that all organizations with a staff size of ten and above must have health

insurance for the employees.

Assured return on investment through a healthy workforce.

Quality enhancement made possible by strict provider selection process,

clinical oversight and quality assurance mechanisms.

Administrative convenience resulting from WELPRO taking up the administrative

workload usually associated with employee health  issues thereby saving your company

the costs involved in these activities.

Because the WELPRO Health Plan is prepaid, your company  can now easily keep her

budget for staff health/ welfare needs within approved limits.

Appropriate pricing and cost containment measures of comprehensive product

packages gives you a significant reduction in health service purchases.

Access to a Primary Care Provider (PCP) as a gatekeeper for further specialized medical

care ensures that care is appropriately directed thus enhancing quality.

Your Staff can have access to specialist doctors through WELPRO’ group practice

initiatives at its various top of the class hospitals across the nation

Through WELPRO’ strong alliance with international organizations travel insurance and

healthcare at international levels is guaranteed

The Flexibility of our Health Package allows your company  to customize in line with her

desire or preference for various healthcare needs.