Health Insurance

Our goal is simple and straightforward, ensure healthy lives for all. With an eye on innovation, WELPRO HMO has synergized with all parties in the industry to offer a range of products and services that meets this goal. There is a solution for every need here!

Our Plans include:

Employee health plans

These are generic health packages designed for staff and family members of those working in structured organizations. We allow for flexibility in benefits selection and premium pricing. A range of packages are offered…

Welpro life plan

An entry level generic package offering primary and select secondary care services.

Welpro Classic plan

A generic package for entry level managers. Offers primary and select secondary care services.

Welpro Plus plan

A generic package for mid-level and senior managers. Offers primary and select secondary care services.

Welpro ultimate plan

A generic package for senior and top-level managers. Offers all classes of care. Can be modified on request.

Retail Plans

Are you an individual or a family without formal affiliation with an organization? There is no discrimination in health care cover. Explore a generic package or help to build a plan for you and your family members. You have the freedom to negotiate benefits and pricing!

Welpro retail Plan

For the individual who desires control of their health plan. You choose the benefits and the premium…

Special health plans

These are bouquets of health insurance plans targeted at social groups and communities. It is useful for corporate organizations requiring third party administration plans for managing staff health services and gifting health insurance loyalty packages.

Shared Group Health Plans

Members of groups with shared interests can come together and purchase a package. This comes out far cheaper than individual plan. Take charge for a healthy life; select benefits and agree on a premium!

Third Party Administration

A solution for organizations who prefer not to subscribe to premium-based plans, it leverages on the professional relationship that WELPRO HMO has with health care facilities to ensure quality service is delivered at a cost-effective rate.

Customer Loyalty Initiative Plan

Wish to show appreciation to your customers for patronage? Offer them health-oriented value-added services. WELPRO HMO simply makes it happen!

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